Our work embraces the stylish bohemian spirit of Montreal, where all our jewelry is designed. Every piece of June & Valentina jewelry is handcrafted with detail and care - every piece is unique.

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Timeless Jewelry

Juliette II

Un Monde à Réaliser

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We have an infinite love for everything magical.  Our Romance  collection was inspired by the cosmos and our planet from above. 
We put so much attention to detail and wanted to offer a collection filled with shine and sparkle.


A little bolder, a little edgier, this collection is inspired by the constellations that dance across themoonlit sky.

With new stackable rings and earrings, Un Monde à Réaliser is all about achieving your inner potential and living a life that is unique to you.


Our first release, Second Skin is inspired by a desire for jewelry that becomes a part of who you are. Designed to be worn day and evening, the pieces in this collection are a subtle complement to your inner grace.

They are the pure embodiment of the minimalist, refined aesthetic of June & Valentina – they are your Second Skin.

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